2016-06-17 EP REVIEW – A DRUNKER SHADE OF GREEN "s/t" (2016)


A Drunker Shade of Green
Release date: March 17, 2016
Running time: 19:26,6 tracks

A Drunker Shade of Green is a 6 piece band hailing from Pensacola, Florida: Leila Hobbs (fiddle, vocals), Tim Roberts (guitar, vocals), Rob Roberts (banjo, vocals), Blake Thompson (percussion) and Dennis Dowd (flute, tin whistle). They were featured in one of our samplers in 2013  and recently they have released a self-titled 6 track EP.

The EP kicks off with “Dark and Stormy Night”, an original written by Rob. Leila takes the lead with her fiddle, Dennis follow her with her flute and Rob backs them with his banjo. Great song that reminds me of “Seven Drunken Nights”. Yes, these guys and gal know how to write an Irish ballad with an American twist.

The next track is a cover, “Bold Thady Quill”. This number was written by Johnny Tom Gleeson around 1895 and first put to paper in 1905 (Wikipedia), and was recorded by The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem. A Drunker Shade of Green’s rendition is bloody brilliant. I love when bands move away from the usual standards. ADSOG have chosen a great song but, above all, they have deliver a fantastic version!

Track no. 3 is a set of tunes, “The Craggy Island Hornpipe/Off to Alabama”. I love set of tunes and ADSG do a great job with this set. Leila’s fiddle is backed by Blake’s bodhrán on the first tune and the second tune gets a faster treatment with drums.

Sailing with the Tide” is an original written by Tim. ADSOG have chosen a different ballad and a kick-ass set of tunes for their EP, but they really shine on their own compositions. The fiddle and tin whistle part, that begins with a wow shout, will make you dance.

Track no. 5 is a medley of overexposed standards, “Pop and Loch Lomond/Mairi’s Wedding”. The first song begins a cappella, but soon fiddle, flute and drums join in. “Mairi’s Wedding” is not sung, but based on the fiddle and the flute.

The EP is over with “Glad to Call You My Friend”, an upbeat number written by Rob, probably the Celtic punk track on the EP. Excellent banjo picking by Rob.

A Drunker Shade of Green EP is housed in a sleeve. At the rear cover there is a band pic, the track list and the songs credits.

If you enjoy American Celtic pub rock and the likes of O’Tasty, Rusty Nail, Delilahs’ Revenge or Cockswain, you should check out A Drunker Shade of Green. Amazing band.


1. Dark and Stormy Night 2:58
2. The Bold Thady Quill 2:57
3. The Craggy Island Hornpipe and off to Alabama 3:48
4. Sailing with the Tide 3:00
5. Pop and Loch Lomond and Mairi’s Wedding 4:06
6. Glad to Call You My Friend 2:37


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Review by Kinksmarkham

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