2016-09-10 PADDY ROCK PODCAST – Episode #25 – Get Shamrocked, Yesterday & Today !

(This podcast was originally posted at Paddy Rock last September 8, 2016. Enjoy!)

Welcome to Episode #25 of The Grinning Beggar’s Paddy Rock Podcast.. Now that Labor Day has finally passed the shit is really going to hit the fan! September is the gslast hurrah of festival season on the East Coast and I am involved with 2 of them this year; the Celtic Craic Music Festival in Harrisburg, PA September 10, 2016 and then The Greater Danbury Irish Festival Sept 16-18, 2016. While on the smaller side, they still both feature excellent talent and you should be getting out to both to show your support. Today’s show though highlights what has quickly become of of the best festivals in North America, and that is Get Shamrocked in Murrieta California. This event take place September 23 & 24, 2016

So this is not any ordinary Podcast this month, not only is it to feature the awesome talent from Get Shamrocked, it is also Fancast #2. Shawn, a great friend and supporter of Paddy Rock over the years, came up with the idea of doing past and present.  So I figured being that I have been putting up a show every year for the past few for the festival it jived with me instantly. BUT the evil truth is, I did not really wanna publish it.. Not yet anyway!  Don’t get me wrong it’s a great episode, but Shawn was sooo excited for this Podcast I procrastinate as much as I could.. In fact I started to drive myself nuts… So… last night I broke down, uploaded the show and now it is here for all of you..  Consider it a kick ass soundtrack for your weekend.  No need to thank me, just tuck that $5 Bill into my thong..  Thank you very much !

Anyway that’s it for the pre-amble. Hope you enjoy the show, like it, share it, love it.. And come back Sept 24 for the Annual Talk Like a Pirate Day Podcast!  See you then!

As always thanks for listening. ~ Phil (aka The Grinning Beggar)

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Episode #25 – Get Shamrocked, Yesterday & Today !


The Playlist:

Born Again Heathens – Wild in the Streets
The Galway Hooker Band     – Key Of Whiskey
Whiskey of the Damned – Batons and Guns
The Real McKenzies – 10,000 Shots
The Ramshackle Army – Coffin and Copper
Keltic Cowboys – Pay For Our Sins Tomorrow
Hoist the Colors – I can Remember
Quel Bordel! – Blackin’ Out
The Tossers – Wherever You Go
Flatfoot 56 – I Believe It
Gaelic Storm – Don’t Go For The One
The McKintree Boys – Will Ye Not Come Back Again
Whiskey Sunday – That Good Fight
The Bog Hoppers – Cod Liver Oil
The American Wake – She Swears Like A Sailor
Young Dubliners – Fisherman’s Blues
The Angry Brians – Buss’n the Stone
Black Irish Texas – To Hell With the King
Black Irish Texas – Complicated Man
The Fighting Jamesons – How I Ended Up This Way
The Fighting Jamesons – Uncle Michael
Brick Top Blaggers – Love By Attrition
Brick Top Blaggers – Plastic Paddy
The Mahones – Shakespeare Road
The Mahones – Drunken Lazy Bastard
Mickey Rickshaw – Im Sorry Ms. Mahoney
1916 – Ordinary Man
Kilmaine Saint     – Farewell, Self Esteem
Van Morrison – Too Late

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