Jake And The Jellyfish are a folk punk band from Leeds, UK who are armed with foot stomping, beer soaked folk tunes and ‘sing your heart out’ punk rock anthems. Taking influence from pretty much everywhere, the Jellyfish add bits of gypsy punk, a dash of Reggae and a hint of Ska to their base of Punk Folk, yet all under a very ‘Jellyfish’ banner. Somehow, relating the frustrations of daily life, 9 to 5 jobs and environmental concerns into dance-able, shout-a-long-able choruses.

Originally, Jake starting performing punk/folk songs by himself, until he met the rest of the band at university in Leeds. They quickly became a solid unit. They deciding to play as many shows as possible, as quickly as possible and in doing so, have built themselves a solid fanbase in the European DIY scene.

Social commentary is a key part to Jake And The Jellyfish‘s music, an overall sense of dissatisfaction resides underneath the surface of relatable, catchy lyrics. Whether it’s a f**k you to lad culture “I won’t follow your lead, and I’m not one of the lads”, or being aware of your own flaws “We’re all hypocrites, just to greater or lesser extents”, they wear their emotions on their sleeves and it’s evident in their live show.

4 years of touring in a beat up old postal van has added plenty of experience to their sound. From breaking down in a small town in France, with no breakdown cover and no money to get home, to accidentally headlining the Woodlands stage at Kendal Calling; it all adds to the community spirit of The Jellyfish. They strive to have a good time and play their tunes at the top of their lungs.

Over the years, Jake And The Jellyfish‘s sound has gained more and more energy and the new single, ‘Killing Time’, is packed full of their trademark exuberance, catchy melodies and powerful musicianship. ‘Killing Time’ is written about the concern that you’re just watching the world go by, letting it slide past you without making an impact… the dullness of normal life. “How will people know I care, without a Twitter status of Facebook fanfare?”.


Jake – Vocals, Guitar
Rich – Guitar, Violin
Caffs – Bass
Steve – Drums


Jake And The Jellyfish on tour:

25/10 – St. Petersburg, FL @ Lucky You Tattoo
26/10 – Miami, Fl @ Radio-Active Records
27/10 – Gainesville, FL @ Whisky House
29/10 – The FEST, FL @ First Magnitude Brewery – Fest 15
29/10 – The FEST, FL @ CMC (Acoustic) – Fest 15
30/10 – The FEST, FL @ Loosey’s – Fest 15

Jake and The Jellyfish – Killing Time



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