2016-11-06 FREE DOWNLOAD – LORETTA PROBLEM "Welcome to the Circus" 2016 single

Finnish female fronted band Loretta Problem released their single “Welcome to the Circus” last September 18. It’s available for free!!! Loretta Problem play their own fiddle punk where influences by the Levellers and the Sex Pistols can be noticed.
After 20 years of silence Finish punk-hippies Loretta Problem has released new single “Welcome To The Circus”.

Celtic tone still remains, as well as big hearted punk attitude with fistfull of middlefingers if needed…Loretta, what a bitch.

Band sounds better than ever so you are more than welcome to download free mp3 of “Welcome to the Circus
Some songs from the band are played regularly at Celtic Folk Punk radio. They are also on streaming on the band’s Sopundcloud and Reverbnation sites (see links below). This is the band’s full discography:

Loretta Problem single” (3 tracks, 1994)
Celebrate Now!” (11 tracks, 1995)
Justice or Crime” (2 tracks, 1996)
Welcome to the Circus” (1 track, 2016)

Loretta Problem on the web:


Loretta Problem are:

Hantta – guitar, vocals
Tarja – vocals, violin
Jakke – guitar, vocals
Jappe – bass
Pasi – drums

Their discography can be purchased from iTunes.



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