2016-11-28 VIDEO – GROLSCHBUSTERS "Tear it All Down"

(This video was recently shared on Facebook by Andrew Watts aka Spider Mahone. Thank you Andrew!)
Dutch punkrock band The Grolschbusters was founded in 1989 in the Dutch village of Hengelo and is the oldest surviving punk band from the east of the country. Initially, the repertoire consisted mainly of work of The Ramones. Within a short period of time the band managed to build a considerable reputation. Today the band has 6 members, complete with accordionist!

Over the years the band survived a fair deal of line-up changes and developed their own ‘Premium Punk’ sound: an infectious mix of punk and brute rock’n’roll with a dash of folk. The Grolschbusters are rude, raw, tight and melodic. Rawk punk rock straight from the heart!



The Greatest (s)Hits (1998)
Strange Blowjob (2000)
Moloko (2002)
Rock ‘n’ Roll, Asshole! (2004)
Make my Day (2011)

Grolschbusters – Tear it all Down

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