2017-08-16 NAME YOUR PRICE DOWNLOAD – THE BLACK TAR RIVERS "Live (at Farmer Phil’s Festival 2017)"

The Black Tar Rivers are an 8-piece Levellers tribute band featuring members of four separate bands; The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican, The Sweetchunks Band, Treebeard and Blackthorn.

They played what was meant to be their first and only show at the Bostin’ Days 2 Festival in Bilston, as ‘The Black Tar Rivers Boozy Big Band‘. During this special ‘one-off’ performance, in which they played all of the seminal ‘Levelling The Land‘ album, the seven-member band were joined by a bunch of guest musicians from the UK’s alternative music festival scene.

The band is very-much a side-project of all of the members of the band, but reforming once in a blue moon allows The Black Tar Rivers to bring the very best songs from Brighton’s most loved punk-folk band to the small stage.

The Black Tar Rivers were back and hit the Main Stage of Farmer Phil’s Festival in Shropshire.

For those following the story, last October the little Levellers tribute band (made of Barnsley comedy band The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican, Southampton comedy band The Sweetchunks Band and Treebeard drummer James Howe) and a cast of special guests graced the stage at Bostin’ Days 2 Festival as ‘The Black Tar Rivers Boozy Big Band‘. They had a blast… So performing simply as The Black Tar Rivers and minus the special guests (and with the addition of Jame’s brother Joel from folk-ravers Black Thorn) they brought the Levellers‘ seminal ‘Levelling The Land‘ album to Farmer Phil’s. They currently have no plans for any other shows as of yet, so this was the only chance for 2017.



Scott Doonican: vocals/acoustic and electric guitar
Stuart Blakeledge: banjo/vocals
Dan: fiddle/vocals
Ash Hibbs: bass guitar
Alan Doonican: keyboards/vocals
James Howe: drums/percussion
Mike Wiles: acoustic & electric guitar
Joel Howe: mandolin/percussion

Bootlegged live at Farmer Phil’s Festival, Shropshire
Sunday 13th August 2017

Released August 14, 2017

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