(Taken from the band’s Facebook page)
“When I stepped on stage with Jack Flash for the last time, it was with a mixture of exuberance, a little sadness, and some relief. Relief that a big fear of mine hadn’t come to pass. By the time our final gig came about, we were past due calling it quits. Interest in the band had waned, the six of us were spread across four different cities, and we all had different work and family commitments to occupy us. We were getting together a lot less often to jam, and shows were few and far between. Tom and I had even had a pretty serious disagreement over the vocal arrangement of a song. Artistic differences, just like a real band! My biggest fear in the last couple of years was that one day we would look back and realise, “oh fuck, that was our last gig. That gig we played where the sound was shit and only five people turned up, there was no rider and we didn’t get paid. THAT turned out to be the last time we played together.” Because life might have happened before we went out on our own terms. Someone might have got the shits and quit, or had to move far away. But it didn’t happen like that. Somewhere along the line we made a commitment to each-other that we wouldn’t call it quits until we’d recorded and released a final batch of songs, and we would play one final show in our home town of Toowoomba. And that’s what we did. On the 4th June 2016, after a killer send off in Brisbane the night before, we played our last ever set in front of a packed room at The Irish Club Hotel. The crowd rewarded us by giving us their full attention and dancing like crazy for almost two hours straight. Oh we drew that shit out, you better believe it. If there’s one time you’re allowed to be self indulgent and play the majority of your back catalogue, with a lot of stupid banter and self-depreciative humour in between, it’s at your last ever show. If you’re a musician, you know how good it feels to make an audience move to a tune you’ve written (at least, you do if you play the sort of music that’s conducive to dancing). Our last gig was everything we could have hoped it would be. There’s a video floating around somewhere or us being hoisted onto the shoulders of our friends. We broke the stage! A marvelous capstone on almost 10 years together as a band. If you listen to this recording (kindly recorded live on the night be Justin Myers, and mixed and cleaned up a bit by Jake Hickey), you will hear that it is rough, raw, emotional fairly unprofessional, and with more than one bung note. But fuck me if we didn’t mean every single note we played that night, because we played like it was our last chance. We played like we had nothing to lose, we played for the people who had supported us right from the beginning, and most importantly, we played for each-other.
Cheers, Looey”


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