At last! Jimmy George second album “Hotel Motel”  is already available. 

If you mised our previous post, click here to download “A Month of Sundays” and “Same S#​!​t Different Day”.
“Hotel Motel” produced by Marty Jones. Recorded at Sound of One Hand, bed tracks recorded at Raven Street Studios, Ottawa. Mixed at Sound of One Hand. Mastered by Bill Kipper at Disque SNB, Montreal. Editing by John Dooher. Artwork and design by Steve Donnelly, cover photo found in dumpster by Eric Altman in San Diego. Band photos by Colwyn. Bus photo by Mickey.


released July 1, 1995

J Todd – lead vox, acoustic guitar

Mike Lawson – electric guitar, lead vox on Even More
Michael Eady – fiddle
Joel Carlson – mandolin, octave mandolin, bass, vox
Jeff Kerr – banjo, lead vox on Broke
Eric Altman – drums, shakey things, vox.
Stephen K. Donnelly – bass, lead vox on Mickey’s Theme, mandolin. 
Mickey Vallee – accordion, lead vox on Outside-In, keyboard, slide guitar, octave mandolin.

Additional musicians:

Terri Loretto (vox on Mickey’s Theme),
Madeleine Giguere (vox on Rock and Roll Thing),
Peter Kiesewalter (soprano sax on Venezuela),
Warren Campbell and the Beefcakes Choir (gang vox on Rock and Roll Thing),
Nick Jonasson (vox on Even More, Broke),
Josh “Remi Royale” Grace – gang vox on Mickey’s Theme.

All songs by Jimmy George (Altman, Carlson, Donnelly, Eady, Kerr, Lawson, Todd, Vallee) ©1995 SOCAN except Rock and Roll Thing (Lawson, Giguere, McGreevy)

First of All recorded by John Griffith on tour with the band at the Angry Irishman in Moncton NB. Speaker unknown. 



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