2018-05-10 ALBUM REVIEW – KRAKIN’ KELLYS "Promised Land" (2018)

Krakin’ Kellys “Promised Land”
Release date: March 17, 2018
Running time: 47:27, 14 tracks

Belgium, placed at the heart of Europe, is well-known because of its beers and its BDs (comic books) artists. Normally tourists prefer to visit Flanders (Bruges, Ghent and Antwerp) rather than the French speaking area (Wallonia). Even if the biggest cities Charleroi and Liège are not as interesting as the biggest Flemish cities, there are a couple of Walloon towns that are worth visiting: Namur and Mons.

Krakin’ Kellys hail from Namur and after having released several badass videos, they have finally released their long awaited debut album. Matthieu Hendrick (electric guitar), Pierre-Yves Berhin aka HAMO (button accordion), David Leroy (lead vocals), Oliver Drèze (drums), Stephane Mossiat (bass) and Rémi Decker (pipes and whistles) play Celtic skate punk. They blend traditional Irish Rock’nRoll with American punk music. Yes, they are not the first band to do it, since the likes of The Real McKenzies, Pipes and Pints, Drink Hunters or Irish Moutarde have previously followed a similar path. However, Krakin’ Kellys offer something different. And they add something new to the Celtic punk scene.

Promised Land” consists of 14 tracks that are delivered in 48 minutes. Videos for the title track “Promised Land” and for “One Way” were shot in 2017 and obviusly those cuts are some of the highlights. At the beginning of 2018 the video for the amazing “Anarchy in the Double K” was unveiled and Krakin’ Kellys showcased their folkier end.

Together with those songs, there is a bunch of standout numbers such as the streetpunk song “United” (gang vocals and brilliant pipes and accordion tune), the excellent “When I Die”, with a great balance between guitars and the diatonic accordion (BTW, the accordion reminds me of Asturian folk band Tejedor), “Hey Bro” (an upbeat number with a Bastards On Parade approach) and “Giving Up” (a Rancid touch for a festive punk song).

Besides, Krakin’ Kellys master both ends, the traditional and the punk one, on “Come and Get Some” (accordion folk meets RATM) and “Our Pride” (R’n’R, hip hop and a pipes and accordion duel with an Ar Re Yaouank feel).

Ah, if you have enjoyed the cover for “Promised Land” you should know that it has been drawn by accordionist Jean-Pierre, who is also a comic book artist under the name HAMO.

If you are planning to visit Wallonia, these are the three events that you shouldn’t miss: 1) le carnaval de Binche, 2) Les 24 heures vélo de Louvain-la-Neuve, and 3) A Krakin Kellys gig. So grab a Jupiler, or better a Leffe Radieuse, and party with Krakin Kellys.

Track listing:

01. Anarchy in the Double K 03:37   
02. Bar fight 2:26
03. Promised Land 03:18   
04. Our Pride 3:47
05. United 3:15   
06. The Journey    3:16
07. Kinky Mary 3:20
08. When I die 3:25
09. Come and get some 3:16
10. Lovely Jess 3:07
11. Hey Bro 3:22
12. One Way 03:25
13. Giving up 3:13
14. Garry’s Battle 4:34


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Review by kinksmarkham

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