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This vinyl record compilation has been cropping up everywhere while doing this research, titled “8 from 80” (Matchbox Classics, 1980) is a collection of 8 bands from Carlisle and its surrounding area, bring punk music together from 1980. A lot of these people are still playing today, still producing, and still gigging. And I hope to bring these bands into the spotlight in future postings.

If you think about it in those days this record was a “coming together” of like minded people and doing something creative. I have no idea what those early bands were thinking of at that time… possibly not the way I am thinking now, but never-the-less this vinyl lasted and it is a sign of those times, a “wee peek” at what was happening then. We still know what punk music was and what they were producing in those days, thanks to them. The D.I.Y. punk approach was a live and well in Carlisle at that time.

I remember this compilation coming out, seeing it in the Pink Panther Record shop, but never being able to own a copy, or to hearing a complete version of it (until Sean Todhunter sent me a copy of it through FB a few days ago…many thanks Sean). I did some research and got as much info as I could from various blogs and web pages…and compiled some info about the recording. YouTube offered some videos that goes with the mp3s Sean sent over.

With all this internet and digital processing (as I begin to get my head around various music production software’s to re-record my own music) I wonder why the punk bands are not collaborating today in such a project? It should be a lot easier now: recordings can be done/sent from ones bedroom, swapping info and compiling CD’s; or online streaming can be a lot easier than the old vinyl method…so why not think about it lads and lasses? A collaboration between the bands of Carlisle/Cumbria/Scottish Borders today? Instead of working alone, come together and produce “6 from 16” or whatever number you choose? A Carlisle compilation of punk music to equal the creativity of the 1980s… go on give it a try.

Here are the mp3s kindly sent by Sean:

Some photos gleaned from the internet:

Click to view slideshow.

and the track list and who was in the bands:

Side A. Track 1
Spivs – Maybe It’s Different
Bass – A.D. Johnston
Guitar, Vocals – Nigel Eastwood
Vocals – Mike Cuthbert
Written-By – Eastwood

Side A. Track 2
A2 –Pedestrians “Walk It”
Bass, Vocals – Scog Misfit
Drums, Vocals, Written-By – Keir Husband
Guitar – Paul Henshaw
Keyboards – Simon Horobin

Side A. Track 3
Mr.Bulder “She Knows”
Bass – Dave Mandle
Drums – Dave Clifford
Guitar – Mark Dowson
Guitar, Vocals – Simon Cape
Written-By – Cape

Side A. Track 4
No Support “Prophetic Justice”
Bass, Vocals – Chris Robson
Drums – Terry Clark
Guitar – Keith Bloomfield
Written-By – Robson, Bloomfield, Clark

Side B. Track

Veldt “Bleak”
Bass – Michael Lennon
Drums – Martin Hogarth
Guitar, Vocals – Johnny Becker
Synthesizer, Vocals – Paul Page
Written By Becker, Hogarth, Lennon, Page

Side B. Track 2
Toolbox Murderers “Alco”
Bass, Vocals – Morbid Electrician
Drums, Vocals – Baldy Eagle
Guitar, Vocals – Stud Taylor
Vocals – Jeff Deaf
Written-By – Deaf, Taylor

Side B. Track 3
Kirsty And The Husbands “Sitting In A Disco”
Bass – Bryan Forrest
Drums – Stuart Dodd
Guitar – Matthew Tomlinson
Saxophone [Saxaphone] – Nicki Lawrence
Vocals – Kirsteen Husband
Written-By – Kirsty/Husbands

Side B. Track 4
The Limps “So Nice”
Bass – Chuck
Drums – Terry Clark
Guitar, Vocals – Andy
Written-By – Semple

Sean Todhunter writes, “The legendary and seminal , 8 From 80 EP……Released on Chris Robson’s Carlisle Based label, Matchbox Classics ( home to The Wanglers, Combo Zombo and The Exiles ) , The EP showcases 8 local bands from the Carlisle/Cumbria/Scottish Borders region and their individual sounds which veers from straight up Punk Rock of The Spivs and The Limps to the Mutant Post Punk sounds of Kirsty And The Husbands. and Veldt.
This EP is a genuine piece of Carlisle and area folklore, its sound represent the state of the zietgiest of the time it was recorded.. It helped enable a host of younger bands by proving that it could be done.. even in Carlisle.
36 years after it was released, its till sounds as fresh and bold as it did in 1980
Matchbox Records was the brain child of Chris Robson, beneath his soft quiet Anglo Borders accent and modest easy going manner, was a sharp mind and a wicked sense of humor.. I’ve described him on the show as the Johnny Appleseed of Carlisle and Borders Punk Rock as hie was the man behind so many Carlisle release and bands.. He introduced to many of the great American bands like X and The Dead boys… an a entire page could be dedicated to Chris aka Chuck Nuke ’em aka CJ but that’s another story. Its like seeing stuff like 8 From 80 proved it could be done.. Carlisle had a severe Geography problem in that A n R men were too fucking lazy to travel north of Manchester so the only real option was to do it yourself and Matchbox Classic showed not only could it be done but it could be done well”.

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