[A MUST READ] How To Keep Your Husband / Partner From Side Chicks


A man is always attracted to a woman because of a particular feature he finds in the woman,when that feature is no longer in view, there is a chance that the man will look for it outside thereby causing the wife to be Unhappy.

Some points for women to note here:

1. Romance :

Some women become less romantic once they are married, they forgot that something attracted them to the man in the first place. When romance is missing in a relationship it can lead to something else.

2. Maintain Attention after Child Birth :

Some women begin to focus attention/care more on the children neglecting the husband. The man also need as much attention as you give to the children, don’t forget you started with him so don’t stop caring for him because of the children. Try to strike a balance.

3. Paying enough attention to the Man’s Remarks :

Some men begin to notice some changes in their wives after marriage and he tries to correct the woman gently, some women won’t take such corrections. This is an invitation to danger.

4. Seduction :

He is your husband , you must constantly seduce him. he is being seduced outside anyway!! Some women abandon their seductive skills once they are married forgetting that men are always moved by what they see. Seduction is important in Marriage.

5. Initiate Sex :

Don’t always wait for your partner to ask for sex, you should initiate it once in a while. A man who initiates sex all the time may get tired feeling it’s becoming his duty. don’t forget you live together, try to turn things around.

6. Enough Sex :

When you give a child enough food before he goes to school in the morning, it is highly unlikely that he will covet another person’s food outside more-so he knows another food is waiting for him at home. Take it or leave it, Sex plays a major role in a relationship, if you can’t give your partner enough Sex be ready to share him with side chicks. When your husband gets enough sex he won’t covet another outside.After one round of sex, offer him another until he is tired. A tired man will have no strength to go out for another he can never satisfy or enjoy the sex.

7. Try New Positions during Sex :

You need to learn the different positions through which you can have safe sex, it keeps your man loving you the more and always looking forward to that “moment” with you. You can have it in the living room, in the kitchen, bathroom, YOU CAN HAVE IT ANYWHERE.

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