Another Selena Gomez Song Surfaced Last Night


By Hayden Wright

The Internet is abuzz with Selena Gomez’ seductive new single “Fetish” featuring Gucci Mane but that’s not the only new track that hit social media last night. More audio began making the rounds for a song called “Stained,” which was quickly removed from social networking sites. Before the snippets were gone, Idolator transcribed some of the moody, confessional lyrics:

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“You were the one that made me believe that I could be better. Yeah, you were the one, the one that I would run to…Now I’m stained by you. Like a coffee ring upon this table.”

Listeners described the track as “pouty” and “emo,” a departure from the overtly sexy attitude of “Fetish.” It’s believed that “Strained” is another track from Selena’s forthcoming sophomore album—which seems like it will be a diverse offering.

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