Arms & Hearts – Wires Crossed



High up above the mean streets of Manchester UK acoustic folk punker Steve Millar puts on his mask and lycra uniform and becomes punk rock hero ( Arms & Hearts )

‘Arms & Hearts’ have made it their personal goal to rid the world of the boring and generic pop that has spread across the music industry, like a plague of hungry lotus! consuming everything in their path.

‘Wires Crossed’ is the Debut (Full band) EP from the very awesome Arms & Hearts, It really is a sucker punch to the skull offering up a rad mix of catchy punk rock gems, Steve has the perfect amount of melody and grit in his voice that works (In my opinion) really well in a full band setting.

Wires Crossed by Arms & Hearts is available this friday via the rather rad dudes at Real Ghost Records.


Click the link for a pre order of the limited edition CD (50)

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