ATTENTAT – Som En Fågel 7” 1982

Punk by Gothenburg-based combo Attentat now with their fourth 7” which follows their classic debut album “Tatuerade Tårar”. The band was formed by four guys in the summer of 1978 and members were Mats, Magnus “Toad” Rydman, Martin “Frog” Fabian and Day Wetterholm. The band originally formed as the Frogs but soon renamed in Autumn 1978 and they belong to the first generation of punk bands in Gothenburg. Attentat are active in the garage league and dropped the first three singles on their own record label Rykkman and an album on Elevator Records. The group toured extensively, often in the provinces, until January 1986 when even Jorgen Save-Soderbergh participated as a member of the final phase. Live concerts are often events with much singing, foot-stomping and clapping. Musically, they went from raw punk to the typical straight and simple trallpunk. These two songs here are certainly not their best but with trumpet and saxophone (two unusual instruments in the punkrock world) they dare something new and made it cool, power rock’n’roll and I think both were published only on this record.

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