‘been a while…





So in an attempt to make some money so I can pay for flights to the last ever Such is Life in Australia I gotta sell some shit, haha. SOOO there is limited copies of the above records


The last 8 copies of the Meth Drinker / Leechfeast split 12″ (nz$25+postage) available in NZ/OZ

The last copy I have of the Rogernomix / Bonecruncher split 12″ (nz$15+postage). Going cheap coz the cover is a bit scuffed up but otherwise sweet as.

Vomit Storm ‘Mudge or be Mudged’ 12″ (nz$25+postage) If you don’t have this you’re mental. It’s sick as.

Downer Buzz S/T 12″ (nz$25+postage)


Get in touch – [email protected]

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