Born For Slaughter – “Self Titled” LP


This begins in darkness and gradually gets darker and darker. Fucking ‘grim’ isn’t the word. This Macedonian-based crust-influenced band confront theses somber elements with bare-knuckled ferocity. The opening track ‘As dawn turns black’ to draw comparisons is at times reminiscent of Tragedy. The second song ‘Downfall’ is more unconventional in it’s sound. It is the complex detours in this that keeps the sound fresh and your foot tapping. Lyrically here they talk of their general disgust and repulsion towards the cataclysmic decline in humanities compassion.

‘Tombs in ruins’ keeps that heavy aggressive tone, this time with dissonant black metal riffing being picked out at immense speed over it. ‘P.T.S.D (Posttraumatic Stress Disorder)’ breaks that speed where we can take our breath again. With the bass guiding you down another dark path, where you know things are going to kick off very quickly again. The more you listen the more you notice the musicianship on this. As the ‘Outro’ fades you out, you just want to quickly flick the record stylus back to the start again. The album is one sided, with a beautiful engraving of spectral skeletons on the flipside.

Released by :
Hecatombe Records, Grind Your Mind Records, Chainbreaker Records, Mono Canibal, Potato Records, Back On Tracks Records, Ffud Rec, Black Against Night Records, Fucking Kill Records, WOOAAARGH

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