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I uploaded some demo recordings from the 1990s on the ‘Business Controlled’ page. (Many thanks Kev for the load of your computer)

“These recordings were not done until the 1990s, and they are recorded with electric guitars and a d rum machine, I guess I was trying to recapture the Frenzy sound, but I include them here as it is still a solo project.

Solitude 1 & 2 : an instrumental followed by some depressive lyrics (depressions and self harm). I was speaking to Kev Stables about this the other day how self harming was there, in my case a knife on the arms. Not a pleasant topic, but if we don’t talk about it, it stays hidden doesn’t it? Writing lyrics helped me release a lot of anxiety and frustration, being in a band did also, Writing and performing was cathartic and positive, better than any pills. The bass/guitar riff in Solitude 2 embedded itself in my brain for years.

Pravda a Russian word meaning “Truth” this was my “Anarchy in the UK” type song, one of the first songs I ever wrote 77/78.

Bristol written after the Bristol riots, there was a lot of inner city riots back then, and after a day trip to Birmingham and being hasseled by the Rastas in my punk clothes, I could feel the tension. This is my attempt at “White Reggae”.

The Master Race I saw an advertisement in the EVening News in 1978 about joining the National Front, and a telephone number to ring for more information. So I wrote about (one of many) anti-Nazi songs.

Black Pigs as a child I used to hear constantly about how great the british police were, but I think we know now that is not true.

Over 30 a song about old folk telling young folk what to do. does it ring a bell?”

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