Chris Shary (Awesome Artist’s in Punk Rock Part 2)



I was totally stoked when the very awesome Chris Shary agreed to do an interview with Bloggin Rotten.

Chris Shary has provided the artwork for a multitude of awesome punk rock bands, including taking over the duties of drawing ‘Milo’ for The Descendants,  since 2004’s ‘Cool To Be You’ album.

Take a read of the interview below then go out and buy a shit-ton of Chris Shary’s art.

Please tell the Bloggin Rotten readers a little about yourself.

I’m an artist living in Northern California who mainly does art for punk bands but I’m also a high school drama teacher.  I’ve been doing art for bands since 88 and teaching since 96.


What/Who influences your awesome style of artwork?

I guess I’m influenced by music first and foremost but also the cartoons of my youth. I keep my eyes open and am always drawn to visuals.  Pretty much whatever I see around me influences me.

You’re clearly a massive punk rock fan, who were your gateway bands and what got you in to the punk rock scene in the first place?

Billy Idol and the Clash were for sure my gateways. Billy lead to Gen X and then the Sex Pistols and it was all over after that.

Any awesome artists or bands you could recommend to our readers

Artists: Brian Walsby, Tim Kerr, Rich Jacobs, Bad Otis Link, Kevin Seconds, and my wife Lori Herbst are among my favourites.

Bands: Currently I’m quite into Fireburn, The Lillingtons, Superchunk, Direct Hit, Pears, Dog Party, The Croissants, Night Birds, Adolescents, The Drips, One Square Mile, Bad Cop/Bad Cop, The Interrupters, Decent Criminal, Civil War Rust, DESCENDENTS (of course), and I’ve been listening to a lot of Jawbreaker yet again.

What was the last band that sent a tingle up your spine?

Against Me

Lastly If I’m at the bar what you drinking?

I don’t drink, so probably water.

Check out Chris Shary’s work below.

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