COMBAT 84 – Tooled Up EP 2009

Now a band which provided for a lot jabbering in the press although in my opinion they made clear that they are no fascists: Combat 84 was founded in London by Chris (vocals), ‘Deptford’ John (bass), Jim (guitar) and Brownie (drums) and a contract with Secret Records was within reach but didn’t come because Chris probably gave some racist utterances, which I do not know exactly, but today as then, the masses are quick to interpret it as they want. So the band sign to Victory Records and 1982 their first EP ‘Orders Of The Day’ came out. ‘Rapist’ followed a year later and the German label Rock-O-Rama released in 1984 the full-length ‘Send In The Maines’, today a rare and coveted collector’s item (the record was disowned by the band, which split up soon after), I sold mine. Years with bans from clubs and nervous interviews brought the guys almost at the edge of sanity but they don’t give up and in 2000 they are back with five new tracks, first as CD then 2009 as vinyl on their own label 7th Cavalry Records released. I mean, Combat 84 are one of the few Oi! bands who know what they want and say what they feel, freedom of speech is as important as respect. Chris died on 31. October 2013 after a long period of deteriorating health. So in this file are all their three 7Inches, Cheers!

– Great Thx to Fredrik –

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