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Hi All


I know I have been virtually completely absent from both here and the Song Bar for most of 2018. I would like to say that is down to one factor and once that is out the way, I will be back in force, but that doesn’t seem to be the case at the moment, although  I do still live in hope that I can incorporate these things in my 2019 routine. Rest assured though, I do think of you guys often and hope that everyone is doing really well.

Anyway, thought I would post a bit of a quiz for you all. I have always struggled with cryptic crosswords, but one of these days I would love to make it my mission to succeed with them. With that knowledge in mind, you need to be aware that if you can’t do a cryptic puzzle, there is a fair chance you can’t create one either. So don’t expect New York Times style clues here, more like ramshackle clues of dubious quality.

I did copy the concept from another blog I have also been very absent from, hahaha…although all the clues are mine (hence the dubious quality)


But…..can you guess the following Christmas themed tracks and artists from the clues provided:

1/ Almost a merry old soul, but he needs a multiple cover for his saw points.

2/ Mythical festive creature is not Shakin’

3/ Dick is close to the edge. At Christmas time, he’s under it with the juice of grapes.

4/ Ill travelling Jobs are locked up this sad festive season.

5/ Miniature Santa is by the ocean with the lads.

6/ Multiple servers provide festive themed paper

7/ Catwoman and infant Kringle

8/Throw a soft fruit to implore speed from a famous ballet dancer

9/ Brady steers around hard mineral,  but is saved by advertising music

10/ Honest Grace channels Europe for a festive, rather than final, time.


I will post solutions eventually once people have had a chance to ponder them…..

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