Sid – vocals
Paul – guitar
Kev – bass
T.H. – drums

Many thanks to Nigel Holmes for writing and sending me the recordings and cassettes covers, I am sure we will hear from him later on too. This blog entry will be up-loaded to the “DOS page” later, as well as more info when it comes through. I leave it to Nigel to tell their tale:

“D.O.S. (Delinquents Of Society) began in late 1982 after West Cumbrian band Distortion petered out Drummer Jamie Bell and Guitarist Paul Charters teamed up with Kev Bradley (ex Society’s Victims)on Bass Guitar and  Stephen “Sid “ Suitor on Vocals. They recorded their first nine track cassette release “Uuurrgghh It’s D.O.S. “ at Jim Henshaw’s  (a local stalwart and legend of the Carlisle music scene of the 60’s and 70’s) North Rock Studio, which was located in a rambling big house on Warwick Rd in late 1982.UUURRGH..It's D.O.S. Cover

Their second demo was also recorded there with Dayle Burton, a youth worker on production duties, was recorded in autumn 1983.
unreleased “The Price I Pay” demo tracks:

I became involved with them (having been schoolmates with Kev and had kept in touch while I was overseas) in May 1983 on my return from South Africa. I helped out as roadie initially but later had a role in the gig booking and promotion of the band who played many shows at The Twisted Wheel’s Wednesday Jam session where the band would regularly pack it out and generally played  5 or 6 song sets.

They were opening act for the 1984 Carlisle punk festival at The Market Hall alongside co headliners GBH and The Exploited, as well as Chelsea, Toy Dolls and The Destructors.  Paul Charters left the band sometime in mid 1983 (he later reappeared in The Beguiled) and was replaced by the mighty Tony Styles (ex Social Scum).

When Tony joined things moved up a gear and a great new batch of songs were recorded at the professional (and more expensive) Crimson Studios in Manchester. This was such an awesome recording at the time that it was simply titled “This Is…..D.O.S.”This Is D.O.S. cover

Two songs from this session were released on the Rot Records (a well-known punk label) compilation ”Rot In Hell” which also featured The Varukers, Oi Polloi and Resistance 77 among others. The band supported Resistance 77, on one of their forays out-of-town, at The Kings Head in Ferryhill (home of Penetration). D.O.S. were the first of the Carlisle scene of the 80’s to get music released by a proper label.

Until the emergence of Stars and Stripes (formerly KREEPS rock club) in the latter part of the 80’s the gigs were still a mission to organise  had become quite eventful with one or two marred by a hooligan element who seemed to have an issue with the band that wanted to disrupt the shows and one particularly memorable one was when supporting Toy Dolls at Carlisle City hall, when the bands set was disrupted and cut drastically short by rowdiness , seig heiling and attempts to stop the band playing.

Sadly things started to drift apart in ’86 and the band came to an abrupt end with the tragic death of Tony in a house fire.  Having moved away from Punk rock Jamie later remerged in jangly psychedelic rockers Traffic Jam Freeway, who mutated into The Twiggs, both of these bands achieved a good local following in the late 80’s explosion of talent”.


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