DBUK – And God Bless You


Slim Cessna offshoot DBUK release their new album Nine Through Sixteen at the end of this week (order here).

It is a record of haunting, warped murder ballads that come with a louche, anti-spiritual cast. Obsession, infatuation and longing co-exist with casual cruelty in compositions that feature a remarkable amount of detail of the natural world; they often begin sparingly, building into an ecstatic reverberation of instruments and voices. Reverb and shake rattles abound, lending a spaghetti western vibe on songs written by Munly J Munly, whose dark humor fills the record lest anyone mistake the menace for malice.

We’ve already shared the brilliant demented waltz of In San Francisco Bay and now we have the video for And God Bless You, a dark, gothic lullaby if ever there was one…




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