DEAD KENNEDYS – The World Has Gone Down The Toilet 1984

A few re-upps are done so we come to today’s post  with one more fine live stuff by the Dead Kennedys and this time recorded @ the W.O.W. Hall, Eugene/Oregon 17.11.1984 and comes via Dungeon Records, limited to 150 copies in red and transparent vinyl and the tracklist on the back is wrong the correct one below. I think I do not have to say more words and if it’s a broadcast recording I don’t know but the sound quality is relatively good. Of course, as usual with enchanting announcement of Jello and great stereo effects. A top start into tne new week, or?

Hop With The Jet Set (Fade In)/Dear Abby/Dog Bite/Trust Your Mechanic/Do The Slag/Moral Majority/MTV Get Off The AirLet’s Lynch The Landlord/Lie Detector/I Kill Children/Riot/I Fought The Law (And I Won)/Macho-Rama/Terminal Preppie/Too Drunk To Fuck

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