Developing a Sense of Style


A sense of style can show the world who you are, but how do you figure out your own sense of style? In this episode we answer a listener question from Steph who asks “I am a primarily feminine non-binary individual, born male. How does one go about developing a sense of style for one’s new self?  I am trying to learn what feels right for me, but I do not have the education of someone that grew up female.  Also, do you have any advice for growing a brand new wardrobe?” We’ll talk about finding different looks, keys to a robust wardrobe, and how to have fun figuring out your own sense of style. 

Check out Faith’s Pinterest for ideas on business goth, and check out British TV show Fresh Meat for Oregon’s cool outfits. Reddit Makeup Addiction is a great resource for learning makeup basics (and complex stuff too).  Also be sure and check out our Feminize for Free episode for some great frugal fashion ideas. 


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