Diplo Says He’s Never Been on a Date


Diplo is getting set to share his hectic life with the world on a brand new TV show on Viceland called What Would Diplo Do?. The idea is to give a comical, behind-the-scenes look into the creativity and insanity that goes into his day-to-day. But don’t expect to see Diplo himself on the show. His part is played by actor James Van Der Beek—and fans will certainly see some cameos from his famous friends.

With Katy Perry’s recent outing of her sexual partners, where Diplo ended up bringing up the rear at number 3, the burning question of the day was: What Would Diplo Do… on a date?

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It turns out he might not know. During a Facebook LIVE session with 92.3 AMP Radio‘s Shoboy, the GRAMMY-winning DJ/producer revealed a surprising fact. Diplo says he doesn’t have much time for romance since his life is filled with making music, performing shows and trying to find a little time to sleep in between.

“There’s a lot of awesome people that I get to hang out with,” he admits. “But going on an actual date no, I mean, sometimes I go to an awards show with some people but I don’t got time to date.”

In fact, the only date he truly remembers being on goes back… way back.

“I went to a prom in sophomore year… I guess this other girl took me to prom in Nashville. That might be a date. But like dating? No. I don’t really go on dates.”

But rest assured, Diplo is certainly not a lonely man.

What Would Diplo Do? premieres on Viceland August 3rd.

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