Dorkatron – The Extra Mile



Klagenfurt, Austria punk rockers ‘Dorkatron’s’ new 6 track, 12 inch ‘The Extra Mile’ is jammed packed full of the catchiest killer jams that your ears will ever have the pleasure of having inside them.

‘Dorkatron’ are clearly influenced my bands such as The Ramones, TBR and Screeching Weasel as they follow a very similar musical path; but that’s life, we are all influenced by somebody or something, we just need to make sure we take what we have and make it slightly unique, which ‘Dorkatron’ most  definitely have an abundance of.

Imagine yourself in a hot ram packed venue; your friends and punk rock brothers and sisters around you, the stale smell of booze, piss and sweat wafts through the air, sticking to the back of your throat; starving you of oxygen.

Beer in one hand with your other hand pumping your fist to the sky; suddenly ‘Dorkatron’ hit the stage and fill your heart full of enough narley radness to put Bill and Ted to shame.

(A single thought continuously flows through your brain, ’LIfe is good life is radical’)


‘The Extra Mile by Dorkatron’ is available now via Monster Zero Records below

(Backprinted 12“, with screen printed cover)


Or digitally via bandcamp

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