Drake’s Most Dreaded Exercise Routine


by Jay Styles

In the past year there has been a noticeable change in Drake’s physique and build up of muscle. It’s most notably seen in the many snap shots on his Instagram of him performing on stage in sleeveless shirts.

Jonny Roxx, a Toronto based trainer who is responsible for Drake’s transformation and muscle tone spoke with Billboard on training one of the biggest entertainers in the world.

“When dealing with an entertainer, going out is a factor that you have to work in your program”, Roxx says. “You have to do stuff that will get them to perform better and feel better but (also) to make them look better.”

Jonny also shares Drake’s most dreaded exercise which are those exhausting burpees but who can blame him, everyone hates burpees. Jonny also mentioned that Drake has a love-hate relationship with squats but his favorite exercise are pull-ups. Guess that explains the muscle definition in his arms.

What are some of your favorite and most dreaded workout routines?

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