Earworms 2 July 2018


A themeless week this week, resulting in a random selection of brilliantness. This weekend I’ve been helping out at the Holywell Music Festival, which was fun; highlights for me were Steve Tilston (what a nice man he is), who has a new retrospective CD out soon: “Distant Days” (it’s excellent, he gave me a copy; my life is complete!), and Sunjay, an excellent folk and blues singer who doesn’t look anything like a folk and blues singer. But “enough about me”, as Cupid Stunt used to say. If you have an earworm you would like to share, please send an .mp3 or a link to: [email protected]nd.com. Next week’s theme will be sport, as it seems to be that time of year. Thanks to all!

Sonny Landreth – Congo Square – Ravi Raman: one of the beauts listed during RR New Orleans. Some absolute gems came up that week. Another group I discovered then was Cowboy Mouth.

The National – Guilty Party – tincanman: From last year’s Sleep Well Beast, which I’m pretty sure we’ll end up remembering as their best written album. On first listen a breakup album, it may be more about the midlife blehs than having chosen the wrong person.

Saindhavi – Pibare Rama Rasam – Ravi Raman: A pop-ish version and one of the standout tracks from an album called This Is Carnatic Fusion Vol.3.

Olivia Chaney – Shelter – severin: Her again. Title track of the new album and it sounds like this. “Luminous” was one reviewer’s description. I reckon that’s about right.

Animal Liberation Orchestra – Maria – DsD: Cropped up on shuffle from my Walkman today, and it dawned on me that it was a perfect accompaniment to driving along with the windows (or top, if you’re lucky enough) down, on a sunny, warm day, when you’ve nothing pressing in the diary.

Roger & The Gypsies – Pass The Hatchet (w Eddie Bo) – tincanman: This obscure bit of New Orleans Latino funk from 1965 briefly received a wider audience when used on the soundtrack to the 1995 Antonio Banderas adventure movie Desperado. It’s a fun film, with several star turns and music by Los Lobos.

Mashup James Brown vs Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Sex Machine – DsD: “D’yunno what?, Let’s mix Sex Machine and Whole Lotta Love together. Two such iconic songs: what could possibly go …” right? Yes, I know I know, I really should HATE this. Somehow, I don’t. But be warned, once it’s in your head, it’s impossible to get it out again.

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