Earworms 6 August 2018


What sad news about RR. I haven’t looked in for a while – but as I said on Chris’s thread, I’ve discovered so much amazing amazing music and ‘met” some wonderful people through it – and I have met somewhere around forty of you. Not a bad one among you, in my experience. Thanks everyone, I hope Songbar and The ‘Spill can accommodate some of you. And that we can keep up the social aspect of it. Not so much a reunion as a glorious reprise. Had I known, I would have set a more appropriate topic for Earworms this week, but as it is, here are your songs about washing. If you have an Earworm you’d like to share, please send an .mp3 or a link to [email protected], together with a few lines about why you’ve chosen it. Next week’s theme will be Loss. Love and hugs.

Little Feat – Fat Man In The Bathtub – Ravi Raman: Another rocking offering a delicious mix of funk, blues and doo wop. I am not sure what exactly is going on but I like this number a lot. 

Honolulu Mountain Daffodils – Bathtime For Beezelbub – severin: Yes, we’ve had it before, but it scrubs up well.

Sly and the Family Stone – That’s Pretty Clean – severin: Another instrumental from the “Riot” album. Nice and funky and pretty clean too.

Sugarcubes – Deus – vanwolf: It’s well known but glorious in a way that not even Einar’s silly antics half way through can ruin it.

YesBodyElse – Washboard Blues – tfd: Washboard Blues by YesBodyElse: my son’s band has a go at some Hoagy Carmichael. I think it’s rather good, but I would, wouldn’t I?

Randy Travis – Pray For The Fish – Ravi Raman: Does nobody think of the fish when sinners are baptised in rivers? Randy Travis sure does.  Shoehorning under the ‘purification’ type of washing.

Louis Jordan – Hogwash – severin: No hogs were washed in the making of this song. It does mention a washing machine though. I don’t recommend following his instructions for using it, mind you.

Alison Krauss – Down To The River To Pray – AliM: Hallelujah! Rinse those sins away.

K’naan – Wash It Down – tincanman: This is cleansing in several ways. Wash it down.

Bobby Darin – Splish Splash – Maggie B: All the way from 1958.

Anxiety – Fool in the Shower – vanwolf: Well Ravi knew the track from last week, so let’s see how he fares with this one 😉

Fat Man In The Bathtub
Bathtime For Beezelbub
That’s Pretty Clean (Instrumental)
Washboard Blues
Pray For The Fish
Hog Wash
Down to the River to Pray
Wash It Down
Splish Splash
Fool In The Shower

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