Earworms 7 May 2018


Sorry it’s late, a combination of Internet failure and unexpectedly beautiful weather. If the picture makes you cringe, you can blame vanwolf, whose blurb: ‘an anthem you could imagine the rebellious youth of the daleks bopping to‘, lead me to a fruitless search for downloadable pictures of baby daleks, dancing.  I failed, but found this instead. Anyway, stop wittering, Ali … if you have an Earworm you’d like to share, please send an.mp3 or a link to [email protected], together with a few lines about why you’ve chosen it. Many thanks to all contributors. Next week’s theme will be Snacks. This is a wide field as one person’s ‘snack’ may be another person’s dinner. Or worst nightmare (horseradish and marmite sandwich, anyone)?

Clocker Redbury and Dusty Slosinger – I Can See Clearly Now – tfd: I hope I won’t be bursting anyone’s bubble by revealing that Clocker Redbury and Dusty Slosinger do not exist … or rather that they do exist but are both incorporated in the body of one Jimmy Smith, formerly of the Gourds. And here we have Jimmy playing all the instruments – including what sounds like a car horn but is, I believe, an accordion – and doing all the vocals on this well-known classic. (Come to think of it, though, Dusty Slosinger has a Facebook account, so perhaps I’m wrong.)

Dandylion – Never Look Down – severin: This was Marianne Sveen’s other band. I’m not sure if they still exist in some form or whether she will just continue to record under her own name. Anyway, it’s from 2012 and has the word “look” in it.

Isobel Anderson – Watch You Leave – AliM: From her fourth album Chalk / Flint, which I may have mentioned before. It’s rather good.

Adverts – I Looked At The Sun – severin: The wordiest of punk lyricists went for a rant here about rejecting technology and civilisation (I think) based around the image in the title. Then again it may have been a government health warning. It was produced by one of the blokes who co-produced Tubular Bells.

The Jeff Healey Band – See The Light – Ravi Raman: Title track of their debut album. Another name that seems to have fallen into disuse.

Tom Russell – The Last Time I Saw Hank – tincanman: A mystic saga that intertwines a vision Tom had in a dream with the last time he saw his father alive and all the emotions they awoke.

Black Crowes – Seeing Things – Ravi Raman: Is he singing to a woman or about an hallucinogen?

Hothouse Flowers – I Can See Clearly Now – Carraval: From their 1990 album Home, another cover of the Johnny Nash song.

Alternative TV – Action Time Vision (ATV) – vanwolf: An anthem you could imagine the rebellious youth of the daleks bopping to given the vocal delivery.

Faraquet – The View From This Tower – vanwolf: Nice slice of math rock. doesn’t mention vision much but it’s all in the title. (A long one – enjoy – Ed.)

I Can See Clearly Now
Never Look Down
Watch You Leave
I Looked At The Sun
See the Light
The Last Time I Saw Hank (w Redd Volkaert) [Folk]
Seeing Things
09 I Can See Clearly Now

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