Every Smile’s A Lie


Dung – vocals
Dung – acoustic guitar
Dung – electric guitar
Dung – keyboards
Dung – drums
Dung – bass

I first met dung through an advertisement in the Pink Panther Record Shop in 1981, I was seeking a drummer for my band Frenzy. When Philip Bailey and I met him in his home in Morton, he played drums to the 1st Clash LP. He taught himself to play guitar and started writing songs.

He called himself ‘Dung’ or ‘Dave Dung’ and that is what people knew him by. Besides Frenzy, we had played in a few other groups together (Nightmares in a Damaged Brain, Abuse, Hadrian Ward) but he also had his solo projects, bands and collaborations. After Frenzy he joined with other members to form “Grinning in the Graveyard” and “Every Smile is a Lie” the first band bleeding into the other.

The tracks here cover many years of his writing, from his acoustic music to his full-blown thrash guitar pieces. I am not sure if anyone else played on these recordings, I think all instruments were played by himself, as he played guitar, bass, drums and keyboards and sang. He wrote the song ‘Hell Exists’ which was covered by the band ‘Nightmares in a Damaged Brain’ (he made the name up and formed the original band) and ‘Havana Affair’, his own version of the song is in these recordings. Some titles I am not sure of…

They did a few gigs at The Wheel, Church Halls, etc.

The cassette cover is from his first demo recording, mainly acoustic songs, the girl sitting on the step is called “Andrea” Dung’s girlfriend at that time.

every smiles a lie
It is strange listening to these songs today, as I knew them so well, it was part of my early music days, and I knew the history and early creations of them, the history behind them etc. It also tells of early recording techniques and of D.I.Y. demo cassettes…

Another incarnation of Dung’s music was in a band called Pop Corpse, these songs were his own compositions, and he did all the music himself if I remember rightly. The title of the CD is called “Dead Friends”. Some of these songs were also recorded in the band ‘Hadrian Ward’ which you can read about it its own Page (again, Dung’s name for the band, Hadrian Ward is a wing in a mental hospital just outside of Carlisle), The songs in Hadrian Ward are a little different to the recording here:

I have not seen Dung for many years but the last I heard he was still playing.

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