Fidget Spinners Now Have Lip Balm


By: Crystal Zahler

Fidget spinners have officially taken over. Sephora will soon be selling a lip balm fidget spinner.

From different colors and shapes to light up ones, you’d have thought that was all they had to offer, but you were mistaken.

Thanks to Buzzfeed Product Labs and Taste Beauty, your fidget spinner will also carry your lip balm.

The product made by Glamspin went viral in June. If you weren’t in on the latest fidget spinner news though, don’t worry because now Sephora will be carrying the item and you can easily get one!

$10 will get you one spinner with three fruity flavors: Strawberry, Grape and Peach, so you’ll never get tired of any of them. Perks.

Instagram Photo

Long live the fidget spinner…


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