Freddy Fudd Pucker – Open Doors



Berlin Germany ‘Freddy Fudd Pucker’ haven’t just blown the roof of the barn with ‘Open Doors’ they’ve burnt the motherfucker to the ground and pissed on it’s ashes.

‘Freddy Fudd Pucker’ mixes gritty folk with passionate raucous punk rock without missing a beat.

In a dark and dingy lab 1000 ft under the streets of Berlin, a mysterious man is doing the most extraordinary feats of science; meanwhile missing posters have appeared in both Ellensburg (Washington) and San Francisco (California)

Ellensburg Daily Record – Mark Lanegan is still missing, last seen being chucked in the back of a red pickup truck, by a slightly deranged looking man wearing a lab coat.

ABC7 News – Johnny “Peebucks” Bonnel is missing still, he was last seen being bundled in to the back of a red pickup truck, by a man wearing a lab coat; witnesses have reported the man had a very sinister look in his eyes.

5,654 miles across the pond, 1000 ft under the streets of Berlin in a dark and dingy lab, a mysterious man has removed the vocal cords of Johnny “Peebucks” Bonnel and Mark Lanegan, placing them in the throat of a New Zealand musician who has made Berlin his home.

DW News – Local folk punker  ‘Freddy Fudd Pucker’ has developed superhuman X-Men esque vocal skills, that merges the deep saulty tones of Mark Lanegan  with the gritty punk rock growles of Johnny “Peebucks” Bonnel.

‘Open Doors’ is rammed packed full of grit and melodic bliss that brings you along on it’s mad packed adventure; you will find yourself going from a relaxing slightly head banging mood to running around like a headless chicken; bouncing off the walls.


‘Open Doors by Freddy Fudd Pucker’ is available now via all digital streaming platforms and below.

Round Dog Records (UK)

Rebel High Records

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