Friday Varia and Quick Hits


The brief respite from winter ended as quickly as it arrived last week and we’re back to regularly scheduled weather with the high today somewhere around -10 F (which only sounds colder in C). That being said, there’s enough intriguing sports – with the Sixers on national TV and the NFC and AFC championship games – and enough other odds and ends to take care of to keep me hunkered down by the fire and relatively warm.

Have you downloaded the second volume of Epoiesen: A Journal for Creative Engagement in History and Archaeology? You should. It’s free. 

It’ll also give me an excuse to catch up on reading, try to figure out why I have so many tabs open on my browser, and maybe even have a nap. Winter weekends are good.

To fortify your weekend, here is a little gaggle of quick hits and varia:

TooCold4BargepoleToo Cold for The Bargepole

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