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Stars and Stripes was a place the Red Aligatorz played at regular intervals, not only on the Wednesday Jam nights (where no one turned up) where we often did a full gig or rehearsed. We sometimes played there to support bands from other parts of the UK such as from the London based band The Guana Batz

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I do not remember the gig at all, to be honest the rockabily scene was something I did not get into too much. I liked the music but a part from that I did not take notice of the movement. The ticket price was £2.50p and I think in the mid 80s you got about £16 on the dole, per week (it came in 2 weeks at a time, so £32 to last us a fortnight). £2.50 was not a lot of money to see a band, which reflected in the amount of money we got paid for doing the gig; between the four of us, £10 (if we were lucky), often it was a pint at the bar.

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