Haiku – ‘Spill Challenge



A traditional Japanese Haiku is a seventeen-syllable poem of three lines, five syllables/ seven syllables/ five syllables. It usually evokes nature in some way, for example the changing seasons. The art of haiku began in 9th-12th century Japan in the form of a Tanka, which was a progressive poem. The first person would write the beginning with a 5/7/5 structure; the next would add to it with a 7/7 structure. You can read more at: 

Anyway, I thought it might make an amusing ‘Spill challenge if I started off with a 5/7/5 verse, and you lot carried it on – if you can keep to the 5/7/5 – 7/7 – 5/7/5 – 7/7 etc.  structure, that would be great, but if not just have a go anyway – you don’t have to stick with nature, you could have music, art, sausages … anything you like, funny, poignant, surreal …  and for extra ‘Spill points, if you can think of a song written in, or about haiku, that would be grand. Here’s your starter:

Bloggers turn poets / Like unexpected snowfall / Shimmering and bright


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