Hot Water Music – Light It Up


Hot Water Music have always been a firm favorite of mine, the mix of Chuck and and Chris’ voices interlock in a beautiful union of gruff punk rock melody.

‘LIght It Up’ is no exception.

Hot Water Music’s latest effort is a little more polished, and slightly poppier than previous records but is still packed with enough grit to melt antarctica.

Instantly catchy from the start, ‘Light it Up’ feels like Hot Water Music are maturing with age, without losing any of the passion and aggression that has made them one of the most influential and kick ass band in punk rock.

‘Light It Up’ will have you singing till your throat collapses and your voice box explodes into a 1000 pieces; it really is that catchy and infectious.

If this Hot Water Music virus is what brings on the zombie apocalypse; I say bring it on, you’ll see me on top of a burnt out car, ‘Light it Up’ blasting out my stereo, volume turned up to 11, waiting for the masses of undead to take me to a better place.


Stand out tracks: Show Your Face and Never Go Back

‘Light It Up’ by Hot Water Music is available on all formats via Rise Records below

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