Jesus Piece


Jesus Piece are a five-piece hardcore band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that have been making waves since 2015. They play a brutal style of beatdown hardcore, with enough heavy breakdowns to make the mosh pit kids happy. They’ve put out a slew of smaller releases thus far, and gained a ton of traction thanks to incredible appearances at This Is Hardcore, Sound and Fury, etc. These guys are definitely one of the most noteworthy bands on the hardcore circuit now. They’ve got a full-length coming out this year on Southern Lord, which will undoubtedly rip. Check out what they’ve done so far below. Enjoy.

1. Intro
2. Sinking
3. Oppressor
4. Cowards Run
5. Conjuring Life
1. Greed
2. Mantra
3. Left to Drown

1. Jesus Piece – Hivemind
 2. Jesus Piece – Deny Reality
3. Malice At The Palace – My Target
4. Malice At The Palace – S.Y.C.

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