Jimmy’s Art


After uploading the photos of Jimmy’s Art (t-shirt spray painting, leather work, stained-glass design, and even a sculptured pumpkin!) I feel inspired to do a little more art work of my own. But that was the great thing for ma about punk, it said 2 things a) you can do it, give it a try, there is no right or wrong; and b) by allowing yourself to have that freedom things became possible, and one thing led to the next. Learning a new chord led to its use in a new song. A new single or LP led to new ideas of production and recording, a new picture led to a new look… and so it continues. I used to do some art work with wood and paint I used to draw designs years ago, a mixture of Celtic knot work and symbols, but my design. I painted some on to wood and onto ceramic, and I wanted to do the same onto Cumbrian Slate and sea pebbles (I always like the texture of basalt stone). I think, seeing JJ’s art might inspire me to start again. Cheers JJ.

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