John Legend Unveils ‘Penthouse Floor’ Video


By Hayden Wright

John Legend unveiled the new video for “Penthouse Floor” from his 2016 album Darkness and Light, featuring vocals from Chance the Rapper.

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“With the chorus of going to the ‘Penthouse Floor,’ we were thinking about upward mobility, and thinking about escape,” he said in an interview with Complex. “The more I sat with the song as I was making the record, I wanted to have more attention in the song where I was thinking about not just upward mobility and escaping, but also thinking about what it means to come from humble beginnings like I come from, a blue-collar family, where people that are often ignored and forgotten about, and to elevate to more rarefied air like I am now but to not forget about where you come from.”

Legend also voiced his support for Eminem’s BET Hip-Hop Honors freestyle which went viral as an anti-Trump manifesto.

“I did see the video, it’s dope, and Eminem is dope as always,” he said. “I love that he made such a bold statement because he risked alienating some of his core fans by doing that, and for him to do that I think is particularly powerful.”

In the Complex interview, Legend also discussed his support for Colin Kaepernick and NFL protests and the criticisms of the Trump administration.

Watch the video for “Penthouse Floor” at

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