Kendrick Lamar to Release Another New Album on Easter?


By Abby Hassler

Kendrick Lamar just dropped his highly anticipated album, DAMN.,  but fans are speculating a second new album could drop on Easter Sunday.

This fan theory derives from two cryptic tweets from producer Sounwave soon after the album dropped. The producer first wrote, “But what if I told you…that’s not the official version..” and soon after posted a photo of Morpheus from The Matrix.

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In the reflection of Morpheus’ glasses, fans believe they need the Laurence Fishburne character holding two pills: one red and one blue. The font color on the cover of DAMN. is bright red.

The fan theory develops further from a lyric in “The Heart Part 4,” where Lamar raps, “My next album, the whole industry on an ice pack,” and “with TOC, you see the flames.”

Some fans now believe “TOC” stands for “the other color,” alluding to another record featuring a blue color. Lamar also swapped out his Spotify picture with a photo of him standing in front of a blue brick wall, while wearing a simple white t-shirt with his album’s title written on it.

The theory also connects Lamar to Jesus, dropping his first project on Good Friday, with the sequel arriving on Easter.

Read all about it below.

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