Kill The Colossi – Herd Mentality


Kill The Colossi - Herd Mentality

Bournemouth politically infused punk rockers ‘Kill The Colossi’ have brought together a rad molotov cocktail of street punk, punk rock, hardcore and reggae with  ‘Herd Mentality’

‘Kill The Colossi’ take that Molotov Cocktail and engulf the world with their singalong catchy as fuck radness.

As you shower in the flames letting it crawl over your skin; the moment before you turn to ash and you flesh and bones are taken by the winds, a final thought passes through your mind and a few remaining words pass through your your lips, ‘These dudes are gnarly’

For fans of The Clash and Anti Flag


Herd Mentality by Kill The Colossi is available below now.

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