Knocked Loose


Knocked Loose are a five-piece hardcore band Oldham County, Kentucky that formed in 2013. Their debut full-length came out last year on Pure Noise. This band has gotten requested again and again, thus why I’m finally putting them on here. To be perfectly honesty, I’ve never really given much of a listen to this band, but from the little I’ve heard they’ve got a chuggy breakdown-heavy form of hardcore thing going on. If there’s anything in their discography that’s missing, let me know! Enjoy.

1. The Gospel
2. Separation (feat. Carson Hudson)
3. The Manipulator
4. Small Victories
5. All My Friends

1. Knocked Loose – Damned Earth
2. Knocked Loose – D.T.A.H.
3. Knocked Loose – Burnt Toast
4. Damaged Goods – Purpose of All
5. Damaged Goods – Thief
6. Damaged Goods – American Skin

1. Oblivions Peak
2. Deadringer
3. The Rain
4. Blood Will Have Blood
5. Counting Worms
6. My Heroes
7. Billy No Mates
8. Last Words
9. No Thanks
10. A Fetish
11. Laugh Tracks

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