Lauren Jauregui Stands Up for LGBTQ Community: ‘You Are Perfectly You’


By Scott T. Sterling

Lauren Jauregui is here for the LGBTQ community.

On Twitter last night (Feb. 5), the Fifth Harmony singer offered love and support to fans dealing with sexual discrimination. In response to a user that asked her, “What will you do if your son comes out as GAY?” Jauregui message was clear.

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“This is such a disgusting display of toxic masculinity & a deep ignorance of the expression of human sexuality,” Jauregui posted. “It is a spectrum that has no shame. It will be painful but it will lead you to your true family. Anyone who can wish this on something they created is deeply troubled.”

She offered support to another fan who said he’d love his gay child “Regardless as long he’s a good person he could love who ever he wants.”

The singer, who identifies as bisexual, encouraged a girl that admitted to being “terrified” of coming out to her parents.

“Do not be terrified,” Jauregui offered. “Your truth is not shameful, and anyone who shames you for living your truth only does it because they are ashamed of who they are.”

She reached out to two more fans dealing with harassment from fellow students as well as family.

“I’m sorry you had to go through that kind of shame and embarrassment, love,” she told one fan who detailed parents discovering her sexuality by going through her phone and spreading the news to her family. “You didn’t deserve it. I hope you’ve found people who love you for exactly who you are, because you are perfectly you.”

See Jauregui’s tweets below:

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