L’ODI SOCIAL – Que Pagui Pujol EP 1986

L’Odi Social is a hardcore punk band from Barcelona (Catalonia/Spain), founded at the end of 1981 with the name of Social Odi by Jordi “Gos” (vocals), Fernando Poza “Damned” (guitars), Josep Urpí “Poly” (bass) and Saina (drums) and they remained active until 1992 and are considered one of the founding groups of the hardcore punk scene in Barcelona, along with groups like Ultimo Resorte, Shit SA, Anti/Dogmatikss, GRB or Subterranean Kids. Inside this scene, they are reminded , among other reasons, for being one of the first groups that used the Catalan language in their lyrics and titles. During their existence, they published an EP with five songs, Que Pagui Pujol (1986, later reedited, with extra tracks, such as LP and CD), one album (Esventats/1990) and participated on various compilations, including the Nicaragua Rock cassette 10-5-86, where their performance at that festival was collected. And now enjoy your breakfast with five excellent hardcore goodies.

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