Mad Mackerel Recommends… Fontaines D.C.


We’re absolutely loving the new single from Dublin’s Fontaines D.C.

Channelling past masters like the Modern Lovers, The Fall and Iggy Pop, as well as contemporaries like Idles and ShameChequeless Reckless is built on a great hypnotic, kraut-rock infused cyclical riff, and some scalpel sharp lyrics. We’re pretty damn sure it is going to end up in our end of year best of lists…

A sellout is someone who becomes a hypocrite in the name of money,
An idiot is someone who lets their education do all of the thinking
A phony is someone who demands respect for the principles they affect
A dilettante is someone who can’t tell the difference between fashion and style

Check it out below, along with previous singles, the almost equally as good Hurricane Laughter and Liberty Belle.




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