MASSMEDIA – Sista Ackordet 1980

The first band from Sundsvall that recorded an EP. The members had been in England and bought themselves an eight channel mixer and used that to record their EP’s. On the first recording the battery of the fuzzbox went empty and because no stores where open the guitar sounds a little non-distorted. They released their EP’s on the Massproduktion label, a label they created themselves. Being the most ambitious local punk band at the time they developed fast and even before the release of the first EP they recorded the classical single Das Jazz/Jag Vill Inget, live in their rehearsalroom with Jan Zachrisson from Diestinct, who knew slightly more about recordings. It is still one of the most furious singles from that period with the VU-meters glued to the red area. In February 1979 they released their first album on their own label Massproduktion. It had a print run of 800 numbered copies and is now regarded as a collector’s item. In 1980 the Nilsson brothers went to Linköping to study, and that was the end of the band. The Nilsson brothers later started Huvudtvätt. So this album is an awesome KBD smasher and one of the top releases of this genre.

– Huge Thx to Fredrik –

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