Myles Parrish Brings Positive Vibes on ‘The Vomac Road Trip’


By Carla Jara

Excitement catapulted from every inch of The Constellation Room as enthusiastic fans waited for the show of the summer to begin. An entertaining concert brimming with quirky dance moves, crowd sing-a-longs, and an overwhelming outburst of love from fan to performer; performer to fan, encapsulated The Vomac Road Trip.

Myles Parrish, a Bay Area native, who recently dove head first into a solo journey after a great run as a duo with longtime friend Kalin White, was now headlining his own tour. With dedicated fans from the Kalin and Myles era, to the new ones joining the family, it’s expected to see a crowd of animated and passionate fans surrounding the vicinity.

That elated thrill however, was only a few yards away inside. Dim, intimate, and situated next to a business complex, The Constellation Room was radiating.

With a newly released solo album entitled ‘Vomac,’ Parrish was itching to be back on the road, “I feel like I’ve been in my room for the past year just working on music.”

But it wasn’t just the love for performing and sharing his stories through music that stimulated the excitement: it was the devoted fans.

“Getting to see everyone that comes,” Parrish gushed. “New ones, and people that have been here a long time. It’s love; it’s an exchange of love.”

img 1966 Myles Parrish Brings Positive Vibes on The Vomac Road Trip

Photo Credit: Carla Jara

When the house music stopped and the lights dimmed further, the crowd of concertgoers let out a high-pitched, yet joyful shrill. The show was minutes from starting and when it did, the energetic spirit never faltered. Somewhere through the maze of halls were Parrish and his touring family, prepping to begin their night.

“I try to relax and focus on what I need to do,” Parrish explained. “We always say a prayer before we go up there.”

Talented and playful, opener Jacy took the stage first to share a piece of her soulful touch. Then, the continuation of hysteria was fueled with Jake Parrish, Myles’ brother, a talented producer and DJ. Spinning familiar and upbeat tracks with a unique, innovated Jake spin, the entire room was bouncing off the walls. Immediately right after was Lost Boy, who hyped the crowd with his bouncy and dynamic tunes.

img 2060 Myles Parrish Brings Positive Vibes on The Vomac Road Trip

Photo Credit: Carla Jara

The Vomac Road Trip was a whirlwind of the best summer vibes, and when Myles hit the stage, nothing stopped him from performing with so much heart. The moment he graced the crowd with his infectious dynamism, there was no turning back. In addition to throwing in a classic Kalin and Myles hit, to eliciting the Bay Area “hyphy movement” within the venue walls, Parrish also performed tracks from his latest album— Vomac anthem ‘Prevost,’ summer kickback-esque ‘Tommy Bahama,’ and cheerful dance track ‘Cut a Rug,’ were just a few to propel the party.

Parrish, who puts his entire soul into each record, only wants one thing from those who listen to his music, “be positive.”

img 1978 Myles Parrish Brings Positive Vibes on The Vomac Road Trip

Photo Credit: Carla Jara

To witness the magnetic energy exuded by Parrish during the Santa Ana show, was an insane memory to never be forgotten. His hustle is inspiring, and only greatness will follow him. Despite the storm that life sometimes can be, Parrish has the sunshine and is ready to ride the wave into a successful future.

“Change your perspective on things and try to find the positives through the negatives,” Parrish expressed after the show. “There’s beauty in every season.”

The Vomac Road Trip with Myles Parrish continues through the nation with a Los Angeles show at The Roxy Theater on Sunday, August 6th. Experience the exhilarating celebration – you won’t regret it.

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