Northern Horizon – Blues and Breakdowns


Newcastle Upon Tyne post hardcore/pop punkers ‘Northern Horizon’ mix up a concoction of post hardcore breakdowns with pop punk singalong bliss.

A dinghy run down venue in Newcastle Upon Tyne, full of cockroaches and cobwebs; the smell of piss sweat and tears lingers in the air; a stench so thick that it hits the back of your throat like the drag you had on your first cigarette.

The thrashing sound of guitars and the high pitched treble of a well tuned snare drum fills the room surrounding you snuggly, like a child wrapped up warmly with their comfort blanket.

As the room splits in two, Desa on one side and Hell is for Heroes on the other; fans of both bands surround them ready for the ultimate battle. The band on stage chants are you guys ready for the wall of death? the crowd and the bands get ready.

‘On The count of three’ ‘1,2,3 goooooo’

The crowds on both sides of the room charge at each other colliding with an almighty crass.

Bodies twist and distort , limbs intertwined together.

The resulting shockwave caused by the mass collision of bodies merges the DNA of Desa and Hell is for Heroes into a gooey mess of teeth, bone, brain and hair.

Hours later after the venue closes, the bar manager scoops up the mass and chucks it in a field at the back of the building carpark.

As the years go by and the venue closes its doors for good, the field at the back of the car park has been left to overgrow and has become a toxic waste dumping ground for a rather unscrupulous chemical company.

As an upturned barrel’s casing begins to rust and leak their contents in to the grass. The cast aside gooey mess starts to pulsate and glow.

As the now hardened blob of goo begins to crack, four bodies slither out like newly hatched snakes.

With the combined DNA of Desa, Hell is for Heroes and a large squirt of spaff from Jordan Pundik after he decided to have a wank in a bush before a show.

‘Northern Horizon’ were brought kicking and screaming into this world.

‘Blues and Breakdown’ is ram packed full of catchy vocal hooks, kick ass guitars licks all held together by an ace well driven rhythm section.

Expect some rad things from these dudes.


‘Blues and Breakdowns by Northern Horizon’ is available now on all streaming sites and through Flare and Flame Records.

Click below for digital download.

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