Radar State – Strays


The debut album From Kansas Indie Punkers ‘Radar State’ is all kinds of killer goodness.

Now imagine the dudes from The Get Up Kids, The Anniversary and The Architects joined their creative musical radness together and started a band; Well holy fuckbags!! that’s exactly what they’ve done with ‘ Radar State’

‘Strays’ is ram packed full of super catchy vocal hooks delivered in equal measures between Matt, Jim and Josh, this is a really nice touch, as each vocalist has a different style to their voice and I really feel this adds an interesting extra dimension to the band.

13 tracks full of bad-ass anthems, that will make you feel like someone has injected a shot of adrenaline straight to your heart. After one listen you will be craving for more like a deprived drug addict, after your second listen , be prepared to say goodbye to your friends and loved ones, as you will be lost in the awesome world of ‘Radar State’   


Strays by Radar State is available now through the following rad labels.

Wiretap Records 200 – Doublemint Green – SOLD OUT

200 – Black – SOLD OUT

Disconnect  Disconnect Records 100 – Easter Egg Yellow (European Exclusive – Disconnect Disconnect Records) – SOLD OUT

Sign Up through the labels for Notifications of a 2nd pressing.

You can of course take a listen on all your fave streaming services.

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